Wing Commander

Thirty years ago, on 26 September 1990, Origin Systems released Wing Commander for MS-DOS, the first game in what would be a very long-running and expansive series of prominent videogames. Last September we played it with the club to see what it's all about and whether it holds up today.

Two DGC veterans join hosts Florian ("rnlf") and Martijn ("Tijn") for this one. First of all Richard ("Pix"), who is a long-time Wing Commander superfan and has even seen the Wing Commander feature film. And last but not least Esko ("Firefyte") for whom this was actually the first time playing a main series Wing Commander game, although he has spent plenty of time playing some of the many spin-offs, such as Academy and Privateer.

Also we received no less than three voice messages for this episode, one of them even being a small quiz! Thanks to John ("Shattered"), David ("EvilCommieDictator") and Rob ("Spoonboy") for sending them in. If you'd also like to contribute a voice message, you can email them to us at:

The episode not only covers a discussion of the game itself, we also dive into the rich history of the wider franchise and talk about Chris Roberts' origins, his many endeavours with both games and films, and what he's up to now with Star Citizen.

[ download mp3 ] (144 mins, 116 MB)


* Some UK magazine reviews of Wing Commander scanned in by Richard

* is the premier resource for everything related to Wing Commander. One of the admins there is Ben Lesnick, who was a guest on DGC episode 5, about Strike Commander

01 Nov 2020

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