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It's been a while since we last featured a racing game, so we dove into the suggestion forum and came up with 90s 3D pod racer Wipeout. Most people probably remember this as a title for the Sony Playstation, but the first game in the series actually saw a release for PC as well, so we thought we'd check it out.

Just like we did for Grand Prix Circuit two years ago, we decided to keep a scoreboard this time to see who is the fastest DOS Game Club Wipeout racer. Judging by the times posted, it's quite clear that the answer to this question is TOASTY, who also happens to be the person who suggested that we play this game. Congratulations on your victory, toasty! If you think you're faster than any of us, please don't hesitate to post your own times. We'll keep the scoreboard open forever.

Now on to the podcast: No less than three people are joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") for this one. Returning to the show are first of all veteran DGC member Marwane ("wan"), and also Tim ("Spacefarer"). Last but not least Elias ("pumpuli") completes the guest list. Elias has been a long-time member of our IRC chat channel, but this the first time he's actually joined one of our podcasts.

That's all for now. Please enjoy the show!

[ download mp3 ] (117 mins, 94 MB)


* Forum thread with contemporary reviews, including some magazine scans by Pix.

* Both DGC members kdrnic and Spacefarer made videos comparing the DOS version of Wipeout to the one on the Playstation

* "The making of Wipeout" originally published by Edge Magazine (issue 142, 2004), now hosted by Kotaku UK

26 Jan 2020

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rasz_pl says:

YT user “Maelstrom” uploaded “Hackers Wipeout Psygnosis”, 2 minute pre rendered demo reel used in the movie. Apparently he was involved with Hackers movie pre-production. Comment form YT:

“It was designed/created by Jim Bowers at Psygnosis in Liverpool. It was transferred to tape by Moving Picture Company and then taken to Pinewood. It was such a very tight deadline getting made that the finished game sequence edit wasn’t finished until 6.00am before being used on the projection system on the film set at 8.30pm the same day.”

In a nice twist of life imitating art there were actual Rave nightclubs in UK with rows of Playstation consoles playing Wipeout 🙂

btw Hackers movie makes a lot more sense when you learn director was from UK and pretty much mixed UK club scene with NY hacker counterculture.

You seem to have omitted Hi-Octane, technically a predecessor! 🙂 Developed by Bullfrog in a couple of weeks by modifying Magic Carpet engine just to plug budget hole created by prolonged Dungeon Keeper development.

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