Reply To: Tips & Tricks


I remember copying the files from my cousin’s PC (the intro animation was the only file too big for a single floppy disk) but haven’t played the DOS version since the 90’s. OpenXcom is better in literally every way, but I agree that the gimmick of reviewing DOS games is lost if any other version is played, and the bugs and glitches present in the original are part of the quirkiness of the game, whether intended by the developer or not.

1. Laser Rifles are indeed the way to go, unless you’re fighting Psionic attacks. Mind Controlled Soldiers are unable to use Stun Rods.
2. Laser Cannons can be manufactured and sold for the greatest monthly profit.
3. Researching The Martian Solution triggers an Alien Retaliation mission at the beginning of every subsequent month, so don’t research it until you’re prepared for Base Defence missions. And don’t interrogate a Commander until after The Martian Solution is finished.

Hope that wasn’t too spoilery… Looking forward to this episode!