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Finally caught up with you guys and beat Gateway 2, thanks to Firefyte for a few hints in IRC. I also needed hints on what to do with the magnetic clamps in the ice pit, but otherwise it was an honest playthrough.

I really enjoyed both games! I think I had fun navigating Heechee politics in the 2nd game, but agree that it was a bit disappointing to finally see them.

I was a little confused by the Gateway 1’s explanation of why the Heechee didn’t activate the shield generators themselves. It didn’t make sense to me that there was this technology to save them, but they chickened out using it at the last second. But Gateway 2 filled in a lot of plot holes from the first game, and I found the overall story more intriguing. I got some serious Dead Space 3 vibes at the beginning and later saw some themes Soma explored with uploading personalities to computers. Deep stuff!

But yea, what’s up with those dialog options, especially in the 2nd half of the game? The character would give an eloquent lecture on the nature of humanity, then 5 minutes later have all dude-bro dialog options that really didn’t fit.