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Okay, I started the first city 🙂

Here is Dossington GC! I started in easy mode with $20000. I built a big industrial area, surrounded by a commercial center and some residential areas outside. I wanted to use hydro power, but there were no waterfalls in the map, so I went for oil instead.

In the recent past there were some water shortages, power should be enough for a while. The residential area on the hill is a bit new and needs some care.

I raised the taxes a bit and lower spendings in all areas to 90% to increase cash flow 🙂

Here are the numbers:
City Size: 5140
Treasury: $1,342

I thought I had started in 1901 for some reason and played until 1905 instead of 1904. Please forgive me. The next mayor may also play 5 years. Let’s make it 5 for everyone in this first round!

I’d say, whoever wants to continue writes a reply to this post and says “I’m mayor now”. Then you play and edit or post your new city.