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I had my first go on this last night for about an hour. Bit early to say – I’m not blown away or anything but first impressions are that it’s pretty good. It all moves surprisingly smoothly on a 286, and the graphics are all nice for what they are (especially the cruising around town). I had mixed success but did manage to win a car and do some upgrades so I’m on the way. I’ll think I’ll go back and reread your guide now I’ve got some context for how this works before I play again. I had a mishap with one car where it ended up not being drivable after I did my upgrade and I’ve no idea why.

The racing mechanics are interesting – the steering is arcadey but with a strong dash of realism with the crashing and engine blowing if you overrev too much. The racing part seems fairly easy on the whole. It’s a bit odd that you can bash into the side of your opponent as hard as you like but if you so much as nudge the back of their car you crash out. I’m not so sure about having 7% wear on engine and tires after a 2.5 mile race either – I’m fairly sure even 50s cars could manage more than 30-40 miles without needing a new engine…

There doesn’t seem to be all that much to it if I’m honest but I did still want to keep playing after that first hour. It has that one more go quality and I’m definitely having fun with it. I’ll have a proper go this weekend and see if I can get a decent car put together.