Reply To: Looking forward to this!


I was stuck at home for the last couple of days due to a blizzard, so no real work besides some tech support over the phone, which meant that my Tuesday morning was all about finishing Day of the Tentacle, which I started on Friday, while enjoying my morning cup of tea. That was a blast!

A few weeks ago I got the parts to build my very first 386 system and as such felt compelled to play my original floppy version of the game on this system. I then installed the remastered version on my main PC to get through the commentary which was really cool to hear, although I wish there was a lot more of it.

I think DOTT is the connecting link between the old style of Lucas’ adventure games where games were made without voice acting (or that was added later as is the case with Loom and Indy4) and were played in silence for the most part (although MI2 and I believe Indy4 both had iMuse, can’t recall if music was played constantly) and the later games which started going exclusively CD-ROM with much higher budgets, full voice acting and animated cutscenes that had to be compressed, pre-rendered 3D etc.
I find this very interesting, it’s that exact point in time where Brian Moriarty gives up on The Dig, a troubled project torn between this conflict of old and new, and leaves Lucasarts. The fact that this game came out at all is astounding to be honest.