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It probably is a record. There were loads for Lost Eden last year but nothing as lengthy as these.

Only just read through them all myself. It certainly brings home the level of hype over Quake at the time. I didn’t really get it myself back then. It essentially looked worse and had less variety than the 2.5D games like Duke, especially on a 486.

I only really got into Quake years later via Deathmatch Classic which was a Half-Life mod to essentially convert it back into Quake. I spent about a year playing little else, got to be one of the best players and even wrote a mod to add new modes and make it more Quake-like. I graduated to QuakeWorld around the same time I was doing that mod – the standard of play was ridiculously high as all the people still playing it were veterans but it’s easily the most fun I’ve had in multiplayer. That’s definitely where it shines.