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I got to level 10 of the survivors and hit a brick wall. That level throws so many enemies at you before you can even get your base sorted out. I was slowly making progress with enough saving/loading but decided it had stopped being any fun so I found a DOS game editor someone had put together for editing game stats. You can make units cheaper, tougher, fire faster, etc and I cheated my way past and finished off that campaign. Some of the later missions were a whole lot easier than the one I was struggling on actually. I hadn’t played the evolved at this point which would possibly have helped a little. I’ve kept a save game in case I want to go back and retry.

I’ve rolled those cheats back and started the evolved campaign, done about 4 or 5 missions and have to say I think I prefer it so far. Maybe it’s just because they are led by a fellow Brit, maybe I’ll change my mind when it gets tougher. I do find them more sympathetic as a faction even if the survivors are funnier. There probably isn’t a lot to pick between them. I don’t intend to cheat this time around anyway – we’ll see how long that lasts.

I’m quite liking KKND on the whole. It gets unfair but does seem to favour using actual tactics like pincer attacks, beyond just building up a massive force. With the high difficulty level, it gives the distinct impression of being a C&C mission pack but that’s not such a bad thing.