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2.21 which is made up of people that seem passionate about the original games and also people that worked on them, acquired the source code for both games and open-sourced them a while ago. They are working on a remake/re-imagining/reboot of the original game but I guess in the meantime they decided to work on new releases for the two games that have been out for years now. I think it’s pretty cool, they’re adding some sweet quality of life features there plus they’re native Windows ports (unsure if they released on other platforms as well).

LBA 1 already had a port on mobile platforms that found its way to PCs as well, but it was iffy to say the least. If you had a controller to play it with it wasn’t that bad of a version though. The new release adds the original keyboard controls back in, New Game+ mode, ability to interact with objects in other modes and maintains the option not to take damage when hitting walls. I played it a little bit and found it adequate, though I managed to get hit from walls more often than I’d like to (which is never, honestly :-p), so I guess that’s a bit buggy. My other gripe has to do with scaling options, it’s just completely barebones as is. Pretty decent overall and definitely an upgrade over the previous version.

LBA 2’s original DOS version was packaged with DOSBox and shipped in digital storefronts for some years now. New release is pretty awesome, revamped controls for controllers, New Game+ and a new camera for outdoor 3D areas in which it updates automatically and follows Twinsen around. This has a profoundly transformative effect on the game. My gripes are once again the barebones nature of the display and scaling options otherwise plus some visual issues that creep up with the new camera. Hopefully they don’t leave it as is and new features will be added, but this is already very impressive.