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Amayirot Akago

Some good suggestions already but I’mma give out a few more:

WaxWorks – Decent RPG/adventure game with a shitton of gore. Probably might’ve seen a montage of all the game’s death scenes on Youtube at some point 😉

The Darkest Night – Shareware DOS adventure game where you play as a fox trying to make it through a dark forest. Lotta jumpscare-y type deaths.

The Dark Convergence – Pair of adventure games by the same developer as the above. Never played em but I understand they have a few creepy bits to em.

The Last Half Of Darkness – Series of adventure games set in spooky locations where all sorts of creepy critters want you dead. Not too great on the puzzles or graphics but has a weird charm and atmosphere to it.

Hugo’s House Of Horrors – I reckon everyone’s heard of this one 😛 It’s not great but it has the appropriately Halloween-y theme to it.

Realms Of The Haunting – Weird first person shooter/adventure mashup with FMV cutscenes by Gremlin, the creators of Normality. It’s… very obtuse, but interesting.

Phantasmagoria/Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle Of Flesh – The infamous Sierra FMV games. Nuff said.

Gabriel Knight: Sins Of The Fathers/The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery – The superior Sierra supernatural adventure games and one of the greatest FMV games ever made.

Think that about covers it 🙂 Also I’m new here so hi everyone!