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This was a game that I played for hours and hours as a kid, my friend had a pirated copy with a printed out list of answers from the manual that he got from a friend with a printer. Like others have mentioned, it ran super well on at what the time I thought wasn’t very advanced hardware.

One thing that I forgot about but then was promptly brought back to when playing was the car interiors – this was an early version of the absolute joy that I got out of games like Need for Speed and eventually sims like Gran Turismo and the Forza series – I got to see the inside of what I would consider super cars.

Games like Stunts and other early racing games like this sparked an excitement for cars and driving that carries on today – I was surprised to find that the game holds up so well even in DOSbox still, I enjoy playing it in spite of its mushy controls – and the framerate is actually pretty reasonable.

Fast forward to flashing back to the mid 2010s when my friend had purchased my favourite car from the game, the Lancia Delta HF Integrale and I got to confirm the 90s digital version was very similar.

If you couldn’t tell this was one of my suggestions when I first heard DOS Game Club! Maybe it’s time I recorded something and sent it to the club.