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Yes, the “diner” ending. I’ve found another sort of ending since which also scores you 666 points. I’ll give that one away since it’s not really part of the game. You’ll find it by trying to cheat.

The game does still feel slightly unfinished/broken at times. To get more spoilerish, you can use the pail of blood found in the “kitchen” on the wall at the starting room to get points but it achieves nothing. There are actions that seem like they should work and don’t. e.g. picking up the knife in the kitchen. No message, also no knife in inventory. Also picking up the pail breaks the game as your legs separate and don’t walk round with your top half any more until you look at an inventory item. The MT-32 support doesn’t seem to work properly for me either. There was talk of a larger version later this year on DGC previously which hopefully will plug these gaps.

I’ve not found anything else new anyway. I don’t think there is anything left to find but I’m prepared to be proved wrong.

I hope we do get that more complete version. I like the atmosphere of the world but getting some more lore and puzzles into the game would improve it. I’d hope that wouldn’t be too much work with the engine in place.