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  • Kettuprkl

    Couldn’t find this suggested yet. I remember this being one of the most beautiful games back in the day. Some sort of a demo version game with a pc magazines promotional cd, and i was too small to comprehend everything in the game, but still enjoyed it a lot. I need a but of a push to actually play thru this game, so if it will be featured i would live to join up the podcast and make the best of it.


    Absolute must, even just for the great story, atmosphere and soundtrack.

    Evil Taco

    Played this a good chunk when Sierra decided to offer it free on their website, way back in the late 90s I believe. Good stuff.

    There is a great interview of scenario designer / writer Neal Hallford on The Retro Hour podcast:

    For example it’s fascinating to hear about the writing process (with author of the fantasy series Raymond E. Feist) and it’s placement in Sierra’s publishing schedule. The floppy version didn’t do that great, but the CD version was just at the right time. But then the team was split up before the CD sales came in. And Sierra started pushing for the sequel with the team already gone. Good stuff, just like the game itself.


    This is probably one of the most unique RPG experiences out there, and for sure a great addition to the list.
    I remember playing it as a kid. The level of English was a bit above mine at the time, but the game was so unique and intriguing that I pushed it to the end


    Feist also “novelified” the script of the game. It was published as “Krondor: The Betrayal” and includes a nice exposition on how, from his viewpoint, the game came into being.

    Amusingly, I became aware of the game only by reading the novel about a decade and a half ago. Being more of a Feist reader than an rgp player, I never got around to playing the game itself ^_^

    Feist’s website also offers a download link of the floppy version at:


    I’d love to listen to an episode covering this game as well. I don’t know if you could finish it in a month but even if only the first chapter was covered it’d make for an interesting episode.
    I think this is probably my favorite CRPG at least outside of the JRPG genre.
    For me it’s about the combat system which is really key to a good rpg. Games like Pool of Radiance each combat was so long and tedious I just couldn’t get through it. Then games like Might and Magic it felt like I wasn’t doing anything at all except clicking and watching probability do its thing.
    But in Krondor it was a perfect mixture, at least for me.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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