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  • killershrew

    Since there were some interest in dos footy games when i introduced myself i figured i would add some games to the suggestion forum.

    The first FIFA game runs in DOS and so does it’s sequel FIFA 96 according to the box (FIFA 95 was Mega Drive / Genesis only). FIFA was a significant game because it was the beginning of the end for the top down footy games that had dominated the genre since the late 80’s (Sensi, Kick off).

    Championship Manager up until CM2 97/98 ran in dos. CM battled for years against Premier Manager, (version 1,2,3 and 97 ran in dos atleast) and Ultimate Soccer Manager,, (first version atleast runs in dos).

    Another interesting game to cover could be Actua Soccer,, the first fully 3D footy game.

    There are many other footy games for dos, too many to list!


    Great idea!

    I remember playing Football Management games when I was a child.

    I recall playing Championship Manager and Football Manager for DOS. Also another DOS Management game I played a lot as a kid was Allenatore which is an indie game:

    As non-management football games I also played Tecmo European Championship 1992 which I remember you can save your best goals to watch later.


    I never played Allenatore but it looks interesting. Lately I have been playing a series of DOS indie games by New Era Software (Scotland). The best ones are 1-0 (or sometimes One-Nil) and Goal94. Great games from what is probably a single developer although information is hard to come by.

    I think I have Tecmo boxed for the Amiga but I am not currently at home so cannot check yet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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