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  • fneddy


    My suggestion is not a game but the whole “class of dos basic games”. I remember reading about “programming” in a book and the I found out that on the computer is this qbasic thinggy. Oh man how many evenings I spent, trying to let my computer solve my math homework…

    Also I remember the first time I was online. I heared about “Boards” and “forums” before. So one of the first things I typed into Yahoo was something like “qbadic forum für games Code”. QBasic was my first endeavor in the world of programming and will always have a special place in my Heard.

    But to come back to the game part of this. I dont really remember one specific game. Just that there where maaaany different minigames. So I’d like to suggest a special eppisode to talk about this different games.

    Greetings, fneddy


    For those interested. I found the book I read.

    It is german, and I think there is no english translation.

    It has a paragraph with some basic code. This lines where the first code I ever typed into a computer. It is not really a game more a screensaver. But it is enough to impress the 10 years old me.


    Nice idea!
    I’ve actually been trawling through the games on recently.
    There’s heaps of new(ish) games for DOS there, and a lot of them are made in some form of basic, so if we ever do this topic that would be a great place to find inspiration!


    I remember back in the day messing around with stuff from a project called ABC: All BASIC Code. It’s mostly QuickBASIC stuff, and I think there’s some GW-BASIC and PDS (QB7) stuff in there too. There’s a complete dump of all the stuff from its nine(ish)-year run on GitHub. That would be a good place to start if we’re doing this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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