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  • toasty

    I’m curious to know what difficulty levels people are playing on, and how they find them.

    Hard seems particularly difficult because of the bond repayments – but if a city is able to earn something while paying the interest, is that it? Is it the same as Easy mode from then on? Or is it harder to attract new residents and so on?


    I’ve tried several games on “medium”, but found it was hard to get good momentum.

    Since then I’ve tried 2 games on “easy” that were both very successful, so I suppose there is a real difference between the two modes.

    I’m not trying “hard” until I’m comfortable with “medium”, haha 😀


    The manual.pdf, from the game’s folder, says:
    Whenever you start a new city, you have the choice of three
    difficulty levels, easy, medium and hard. The differences
    between the levels are:
    The amount of money you start with. In an easy game, you
    start with $20,000. A medium game gives you $10,000. In a hard
    game, you start $10,000 in debt, with a bond issue to pay back
    when you can and interest to pay every year.
    The national financial model. Your city is located somewhere
    in SimNation. The growth of your city depends on its surround-
    ings—rich, financially healthy neighbors are good customers
    for your industrial products and, bring their money with them
    when they visit your tourist attractions. In easy games,
    SimNation is in a boom cycle. In medium games, the national
    economy is stable. For hard games, SimNation is in a recession.
    The external industrial product demand. The easier the
    game, the more demand for the products that your city’s
    industries can produce.
    The propensity for disaster. The harder the game, the more likely
    is it that your city will be host to a disaster. Choosing No Disasters
    in the Disasters menu prevents disasters at all difficulty levels.


    Aha, that says it all. Thanks, kdrnic!


    thank you kendric. you make it all clear

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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