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  • timewind

    I found this website recently and I immediately fell in love with it. You guys do an amazing job in reminding people all those great titles. I actually started playing Syndicate while listening to your podcast. Great fun, thanks!

    Love the web design!

    Guys who upload all scans – much appreciated work. Thank you!

    I’m 35 now. I grew up playing games on ZX Spectrum first, little bit of Atari 2600 and then went straight to PC up to this day. For me, the golden age of gaming would fall into 1995-1999 timespan. There are some good games today (Shadow Empire, Gary Grigsby’s strategies, Anno 1800 or X4 to name a few) but 90% of what I try is rather bland and unimaginative. Especially RPG and adventure games seems to be in deep crisis. Games are often not fully finished and stay in development for years…and people pay for that.

    Anyway…keep up doing a great work guys!


    Hey welcome! Thanks for checking in 🙂


    Also welcome from my side!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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Home Forums User Introductions Warm Tear!