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  • sorceress

    I played the shareware version of this game in the late 90s, and I really enjoyed it at the time. I looked at it again recently and I still like it a lot! So I would enjoy seeing this game featured in DGC at some point.

    It’s a dark-fantasy themed FPS, built with a modified doom engine, which retains the familiarity and charm of the original, but is undeniably more capable. The modified engine adds inventories, spells, look up/down, wind/force vectors, flight, mobs having resistance to some attacks, and various new visual effects.

    All aspects of heretic are expertly designed: the levels, the mobs, the weapons, the graphics, the sound, (and the engine), are all beautifully done.

    Another nice feature is how most of the mobs have special versions of themselves, which are introduced slowly as we progress, and they increase the challenge of the game as we gain skill as a player.

    – The red flying gargoyles are melee units, which learn to shoot fireballs at higher level.
    – The golems are hard hitting melee units, which at later levels develop a charged attack that shoots scary homing missiles (skulls) at you.
    – The knights/axethrowers, and the golems develop a ghost ability which makes them difficult to see, and which also take less damage with some weapons.
    – The sorcerers have a charged attack which shoots three fast moving plasma bolts, and their upgraded version has the power of flight also.

    While gameplay is less hectic than doom, with slower paced levels, it remains an engaging and challenging experience, with it’s own unique mood and feel.

    Definitely recommended!


    Yes, +1
    I really like Hexen but never got around to try Heretic.


    I’m sold. Never played this before but keen to do so now 🙂


    Well, given that it turns out I don’t like Quake, I’d be up to try a new FPS.

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