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  • LunarLoony

    A kind soul on the GOG forums has scanned their copy of the Jazz manual, complete with the weird comic that lays out the plot directly preceding the events of the game. (Something something ludonarrative dissonance.)

    Interesting that they paint Jazz as this sleazy nobody who watches reality TV.

    Read it here.


    Very cool. I don’t think I ever saw this, having only ever played the shareware episode of the game. They took a pretty meta approach to the humor, with the Andrew Dice Clay, Ninja Turtles, and Sonic references.

    But, what’s the deal with the White Album joke? I don’t remember anything particularly rabbit-oriented on that album (though it’s surprisingly flush with many other anthropomorphized or metaphorical animals). I’m assuming it’s a joke suggesting the villain could have become like Charles Manson, who infamously claimed the White Album (“Helter Skelter” in particular) inspired his and his followers’ murder spree.

    As for the “reality TV,” I think the “Married with Chinchillas” line is a reference to the American sitcom Married with Children, which was popular at the time. While not reality TV, the intent of the joke was probably the same. While MwC is beloved and respected now, mainly for outstanding performances by its cast, I think many critics at the time saw it as something “sleazy” or “cheap.”

    Thanks so much for sharing. Seeing the manual really put me in the mood to finally finish these games for the first time!


    I remember reading that comic. It always reminded me of the cartoon Captain Buzz Cheaply that I watched in the 90’s (although I guess Jazz Jackrabbit predates it, so maybe I didn’t get my CD until a bit later). I still have my manuals and CD’s ^_^

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