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  • sacredbanana

    Hi all!

    My name is Cameron.

    I am brand spanking new to this forum but have been listening to the podcast for about a year now.

    I would like to suggest the MS-DOS game Ken’s Labyrinth made by the one and only Ken Silverman who created the Build Engine used in many titles such as this one and Duke Nukem 3D.

    This is such a fun entertaining game and not only is it personal to me because I played it a lot as a kid, but I have been involved with the active development of the open source port of the game. The game was already ported and enhanced for Windows and Linux but I expanded upon this list by porting the game to the Nintendo Switch and macOS. I also added new features to all platforms (including Windows & Linux).

    You can download my ports of the game at
    Or for an easier deployment to Nintendo Switch you can grab it in the homebrew appstore (sorry it’s not an official game, only works for hacked Switches).

    Ken Silverman himself added that link to his official Ken’s Labyrinth website. He also assisted my porting process and helped me fix some bugs. He even assisted me in replacing the existing 32 bit Adlib emulator with his 64 bit one because the music in the Switch version had some glitches with the old 32 bit one.

    If you guys are interested in featuring this game, I’d be more than willing to be a guest in the episode talking about the game and the porting process and since I have direct communication with Ken himself I can ask him if there’s anything he’d like mentioned.



    I have fond memories of playing this game, it was always a very wacky open game.

    I’m now going to have to download your port and give that a go, thanks for sharing!

    I think this would be a great game for review, great to see where the tech came from.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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