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  • stdevel

    Loom is one of LucasArts earlier Adventure games. Released in 1990, it offered EGA graphics and a new gameplay mode where verbs were replaced with notes.

    The plot is very fantasy-themed. You’ll play Bobbin, a 17 years old boy living in the guild of the weavers. Weavers are able to perform magic with their wands and live very isolated. He witnesses his fostress mother to be turned into a cygnet. As he is the only person left on his home island, his mission is to find and recover charmed humans. During his journey, he meets plenty other guilds (e.g. shepherds, glassmakers, blacksmiths, clerics) and finally stumbled upon a pretty dark conspiracy.

    Even though the game only offers EGA graphics, the gameplay is very compelling – especially thanks to the soundtrack. There was also a VGA talkie version later, but missing music makes the game quite disappointing.

    Maybe this would be a candidate for a later adventure episode?

    Best wishes,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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