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  • KewlioMZX

    Hey everyone,

    I’m about 100% sure that all of the games for Adventure Game 2021 have been picked (in fact, I think that was mentioned in an episode), but I have a suggestion: Lost in Time by Coktel Vision. It’s a…very strange first-person adventure game with some FMV and, in the case of the CD release, partial voice acting. It’s a game that stands out for me, because of these features. The solutions to some puzzles are very moon-logicy, but there are some pretty good walkthroughs, and there’s also an in-game help system…sometimes. When it feels like it.

    MobyGames entry
    Freely available on Archive.org

    I wasn’t able to get it running in DOSBox, but it runs in ScummVM, with these steps:

    1. From the disc image, copy these files to a directory:
      • *.ITK, *.LTK, *.STK
      • LOST.LIC
    2. Copy in the MP3 provided on Archive and rename it “track1.mp3”
    3. Point ScummVM at it
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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