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    A neat 3rd person shooter. I think it had pretty cool style for the time. This is another example of a very late DOS game.



    I think this would be an interesting one. I never played it somehow. I don’t remember there being a ton of hype around this release, even though critics liked it alright. Seems like there’s some actual depth to the game so I’m sad I missed it. This would be a good excuse for me to play through!


    Yeah, the thing I remember about this one (aside from being a great shooter) is the distinct aesthetic. Visually it was both smooth and jagged, dark and light, and used a very strange effect for “reflective” surfaces. The whole game had kind of a dreamy, surreal quality to it, but was also going for comedy at times.

    Smooth feeling to the gameplay. Impressive zoom distance in sniper mode for the time, although I think the levels were mostly linear and enclosed, more like an arcade.

    Well done sounds and (I think) music, it was almost like a spectacle fighter.


    I remember at the time Dave Perry was very openly criticising developers who took shortcuts with early 3D accelerator cards and promised he was working on something with a software renderer that would absolutely blow them out of the water, and to be honest, they did just that. While sniping is mostly just a set piece on some bits, it is as smooth as promised and the game runs exceptionally well for a late DOS game. A bit short and tough, but it’s certainly one of the best non-fps action games for computers at the time.

    If any of you has it on GOG, check the booklet in the extras, there’s a lot of cool stuff there that was likely the press package, a magazine here had a full preview on the game that in retrospect was just bits of concept art, screenshots and interviews available on that booklet of the special edition. Plus, I think it’s the one I’ve sent them.


    I would not have guessed this had a DOS release, I think of it as a later game.

    I had the demo and played it over and over again, but never purchased it.


    MDK had some wonderfully weird mechanics and enemies..also a lot of humor I think (one of the weapons was a mini nuke). One of those games back in the day where the magazine ads didn’t give you a clue what you would actually go play..
    Also I think this was the first game that dropped you from the air into a level and you had to dodge obstacles on the way down?


    I’d like to suggest MDK – a graphically and musically very impressive ‘third person shooter’ (although I hate that term!) by Shiny Entertainment from 1997. I have very fond memories of this one. If you haven’t tried it you should – it was pretty unique at the time and still looks and plays great today.


    +1 for MDK. Very forward thinking art for its time and a completely unique game. Made by Shiny entertainment. Also known for Earthworm Jim, Messiah and Giants Citizen Kabuto. The sequel, MDK2 was done by Bioware and was also quite good.


    +1 lovely game


    I played the demo back in the day and it had a very cool style. I’d be well up for playing this through.

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