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  • watchful

    Has anyone tried the Mac version yet?

    I have tried Mac emulators with older games and often they just don’t run well. There is also this project to bring the Mac assets into ECWolf, though sadly looks incomplete.


    I had a friend who had wolfenstein on their mac.
    I never admitted it, but I was always faintly jealous of the fact that the assets were more high-res and there were more items, weapons etc.

    Looking back now, I actually think the assets on the PC version look better, despite being more pixellated.
    I still wish we had a flamethrower and rocket launcher though…

    A while ago I tried getting a mac emulator to work on my linux machine. Yikes, it was a gnarly experience. I’m not sure if I picked the wrong one or something, but I never did get it to work.
    I am curious to try the mac version of Wolf3d for myself, but I’m not sure I have the heart to wrangle with emulators again.


    It’s really interesting but I wouldn’t say better. I just recorded a Let’s Play of it where I played it through the Macenwolf port

    Like TigerQuoll said, the assets are high-res and there’s two new weapons (Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher) which add a little variety, even if they’re weirdly designed. It’s also a little confusing that the demo version is called First Encounter, the retail release is called Second Encounter, and the actual port of the original game is called the Third Encounter. The original commercial release of the game is the levels from the SNES release, and then due to demand they eventually brought over the levels from the original game. Another issue is that the enemies are always forward facing, so you never really see them patrolling or looking in other directions.

    I definitely prefer the original version but the Mac version isn’t bad and I’d recommend it if you’ve played Wolf3D a ton of times and want a new take on it.


    Mac emulators were too hard to get working. And looks like enemies only face forward. So it’s a hard no from me


    I don’t have a memory of Mac Wolf3D, but just watching a brief video – I do like the hi-res graphics, and the higher quality of the sounds. More weapon variety is fun. However, I like the soundtrack less.

    Will definitely play through Macenwolf at some point, just for fun.

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