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  • pushblock

    I heard you’re really into Silmarils games!

    This is one of the first DOS games I played as a kid, even on monochrome monitors!

    It has a really cool premise: Metal Mutant is the ultimate future battle machine sent to the planet Kronox to search and destroy the tyrant AROD 7. You can transform it at any time into three different robot forms, given an enormous range of possible combat moves. You don’t just fight tooth and claw: you have teeth, claws, missiles, axes, ropes, a shield, torpedoes, a battle computer and a remote flying robot.

    It also has great graphics:

    If you’re true Silmarils fans, you have to play this game for a podcast episode 😉


    +1 to Metal Mutant! Used to play this with a friend and have really good memories of it.

    Although I wonder how well it has aged, I think it’ll be much more friendly than Transarctica to get into. The mechanic of switching between the three robots to grab the most appropriate one for the situation was quite innovative for the time. And it was fun picking up the power-ups/new abilities and seeing when/where to use them. Cool suggestion!


    Classic Silmarils greatness/weirdness, probably more approachable than the rest.

    I had the French version and didn’t understand a thing, just stumbled through most of the game somehow. Oh, and damn those spiders.

    Halfway through the game I got stuck on a strange obstacle and to this day I never figured out whether it was a bug, copy protection or I just didn’t do what I had to.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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