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  • Canageek

    I like some of the mods you can use through OpenXCom, and was wondering if anyone else used them? I mentioned this in the OpenXCom thread, but thought I should split it off from there so as to not derail it:

    -I use the explosion height mod (So explosions are round instead of flat. I’ve foozled myself with it a few times). This is built into the advanced settings menu.

    -Celebrate Diversity, This mod adds new soldier nationalities: Argentinian, Brasilian, Canadian, Iranian, Israeli, Mongolian and Ukrainian. It also contains some new names for vanilla nations and some spelling corrections. (Not sure how Canadian names are different from US names, but nice to be noticed!)

    -BasicArmorPediaUFO: Ads basic armour to the UFOPedia as it was missing, so you don’t know how much better the armours you can build are then the default.

    -Improved Hand Objects: Accurately shows what your troops have in their hands, rather then a generic ‘not gun’

    -Extra explosions: Makes lethal explosions look different to those from small launchers (as well as other explosions, but that is the important one for me.)

    -I’ve started using Expanded Terror Reworked as I got a bit bored of seeing the same maps all the time. But I’ve not actually played very much since installing it.

    Mostly minor changes, I’m not really into reworking the whole game. I do wish there was one to make civilians run *away* from the gunshots or visible aliens though.

    Evil Taco

    Thanks for the list, I feel like installing most of those into my current game!

    That idea about civilians running away from things sounds like it would not only make sense, but possibly make the terror missions a bit more dynamic. Like the aliens moving around a bit more also. The civilians tend to die quite fast.

    Also nice to see you Canageek! I remember you from CRPG Addict blog comments (I haven’t been super active there but I’m ‘evktalo’ there.)


    Nice to see someone else from there here! I really need to catch up on it and The Adventure Gamer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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