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  • Tijn

    I’m planning to play both the original and the Deluxe update this month (I’m already more than familiar with OpenTTD), so I just installed the original to check it out.

    The thing that impresses me immediately is how remarkably similar it is to what I know from OpenTTD. There’s a lot of stuff here already and the presentation is more or less unchanged from later editions, so that’s pretty impressive.

    However, once I tried creating a rail network I ran into problems quickly. Not only are the tools not very user friendly, but also… I can’t seem to find the one way signals? Are they even included??

    If not, then how do you actually build a rail network because I can’t seem to predict which way the trains will go *yikes*


    Someone on Twitter also recommended to check out TTDPatch, which seems to add exactly the things you’re missing?


    I believe the one way signals were the key change introduced by TTD (well, alongside the new scenery types like “Arctic”, and the new names for all the vehicles).

    It does rather restrict your ability to create the really elaborate networks you can build in TTD! It’s been… literally more than 25 years since I played non-deluxe (THE HORROR) but I seem to remember you either just had to have a single train per track, or run two tracks in parallel but with multiple passing points along the way (trains can use these to turn around if they end up going completely the wrong way for whatever reason).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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