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  • DJ_HiP

    What is the clubs thoughts on playing via ECWolf engine instead of Dosbox?

    “ECWolf is an advanced source port for Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, and Super 3D Noah’s Ark based off of the Wolf4SDL code base. ECWolf pulls a substantial amount of code from ZDoom and aims to provide a wide array of mod editing capabilities without the need to modify the source code. Most importantly you will no longer need to replace entire data sets. With ECWolf you could for example add a weapon without needing to distribute every sprite in the game along with it. Mods will be neatly packaged into a single file just like they are for Doom.”


    Advanced and innovative source ports for old games are definitely a cool thing – I like the idea that people are still showing love to these really old games and doing fresh and interesting things with them.
    …but I’m just too much of a purist.

    I’ve played a number of total conversions in various doom engines and wolf3d engines, but for playing the vanilla game it’s always going to be the original engine for me.


    Ditto for playing the original. I am a big fan of Wolf3D and DooM, and play them in their original forms regularly.

    I would like to echo what @TigerQuoll said – It’s great to have actively development fan ports and mods, those are all good things!


    Do we include the “spear of destiny” prequel in this too?


    Definitely playing “the original” or at least the gog-version on dosbox. I only ever played the shareware back in the day and that was in ’95/’96. Played alot of the reboots over the years but never went back to the OG… gonna be a fun month!


    I hope to try all the versions and a few ports. The Mac version also had higher resolution graphics which are interesting. There are a few projects that backport those graphics into ECWolf for folks who are curious but don’t want to run on an old Mac or Mac emulator.

    BTW, while I love the art, Spear of Destiny maps felt even more maze-like and unfair than the original Wolf3D.

    EDIT: OK cannot do MacenWolf, no matter how faithful to the Mac it is. Enemies always appear to be running forward, even idle or running perpendicular. Shame because the graphics are a nice step up, if not as nostalgic for us plebs from DOS. ECWolf is *very* nice though. Feels like the way to play for folks who want modern strafing and higher resolutions, or its nice map updates.


    I actually played the PS3 version back when that console was relevant, and it was pretty good save for the slowed-down music (I like to call it Sleepy Wolfenstein).

    For me though, I usually go with ECWolf, but either port is easy enough to set up. I’m eager to check it out on DOS again, which I haven’t done since I was like… three years old. 🙂

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