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  • tamsin.lm

    Hi there from the Lobdegg! The Lobdegg has sent me.

    After the unexpected success of the Aching and in the spirit established so long ago by Sierra Online, it is my intention to deliver a short silly little project to ring in the festive season powered by the Gorgon adventure game engine. There will be a few puzzles, some festive music, and perhaps even a little good humor. Definitely a lot of bad humor! And the final product will be released free of charge to hopefully light up some CRT cheer out there in retro land.

    Anyways, I wanted to extend an invitation to you all, if you’re interested, to be rendered in EGA/Tandy 16 color graphics in this project. The turn around will be fairly quick, say a week at most.

    If interested, please respond with a description of how you’d like your sprite to appear, please bare in mind the EGA palette can be a tad inflexible and the full screen resolution of Gorgon is only 160×200 so please take pity on us. XD If you’d prefer to not post it so publicly feel free to either hit me up on Mastodon via DM or email me!

    If you wish to add special messages or actions or even items the player character can get for your avatar or get from your avatar, please feel free to comment!

    Wishing you all a happy Hogswatch and a very retro-filled new year!

    –the Lobdegg

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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