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  • Evil Taco

    I bought Eye of the Beholder II (as a budget release) somewhere in 1995 and thought it was very cool!

    It got a bit too scary for me at some point and I cheated with the hex editor to make my characters basically unkillable, and played through the game like that. Not the most valorious thing to do, but it was still a good experience for the puzzles and the atmosphere. My sister played it a lot further without cheating.

    I think I’ve probably started the first EOB but not played too far. The sequel felt a bit better, but my impression is that both are worth playing. Maybe I’ll try to dive back in once more! I probably have them from GOG (yes), and if I remember correctly there’s even some helper software people have made to play these games, or am I confusing that with the gold box game programs?

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