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  • PixelProphecy

    Here are some tip to get you started, hopefully making the game a more pleasant experience:

    * Save often. It got 6 save slots and there’s no penalty for it and contrary to many games of that era, it won’t boot you to DOS once you die but offers you to load a game right away.

    * Double-tap the up-cursor to run. You will need this in order to finish the game

    * When you find a health kit, open it and drink the flask therein right away, since there’s no max health it will just add to your hitpoints. Then drop box flask and box to keep your inventory light.

    * Drop all* books after you’ve read them. They are heavy and clutter up your inventory. * There’s only one book you need for a puzzle but it’s not a real book… (hinthint!)

    * When you find a lighter, you can throw the matches out.

    * in dark rooms, it’s often best to put the lamp down (or throw it) so you have your hands free to examine the locality.

    * When you break a certain weapon, keep both pieces. You will need them for a puzzle.

    * Drop keys after you’ve used them.


    Thanks for the run tip. The only nagging issue I felt so far was how slowly the dude walked.


    Another tip more along the technical support lines. The game is very sensitive to what speed it’s running at and this includes that double tap to run. To get it to work at all, I had to slow down my PII by using moslo. It’s still temperamental even then. I assume this is an issue in DOSBox as well.

    If you are trying to run the floppy version, it has similar problems with the adlib sound in that you either won’t hear any at all, or it will drop notes depending on just how much faster than expected your machine is. It worked for me once I slowed my machine down enough.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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