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  • gn0me

    I would like to suggest the original Space Hulk game from 1993.

    It’s like a real time tactical strategy game but with a slow paced corridor shooter mixed in, sort of in the style of Eye of the Beholder. You can pause the action to give out orders and all your marines will act at once. It’s been a few decades since I played it, but thought the graphics were pretty spiffy. If you’re into the Warhammer aesthetic all that good stuff is in there. Don’t remember music I think I only had a PC speaker at the time, but I remember those marines yelling at me through that PC speaker, lol I’m sure it sounds atrocious.

    Here’s the Mobygames link


    Looks awesome. I’ve only known it from another podcast so I had no idea what it actually looks like.


    I didn’t know how to post pics like Tijns suggestions.

    Downloaded a bunch of screens and was going to make up a nice formatted post here but looked at all the html tags and settled for a link 😛


    I would like to second this. Such a unique atmosphere (especially with the innovative use of audio), and I still remember the intro sequence vividly to this day.

    Here’s a feature RPS did on it a while back:

    (and by a while back, I mean 2008 – 13 years ago 😮 – almost as old as Space Hulk was when that article was written, but not quite!).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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