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  • firefyte

    So while this is intended to be played by more than one human, you can watch the demo and figure out things.
    But here’s a couple starting pointers:

    You have to eat every week, burgers it is starting out, since food spoils without a fridge/freezer.

    You also need a job, which is something else that should be done first turn.

    The cheap-o z-mart has stuff for cheaper, but it may wear out (like clothes) or require maintenance more often.

    Make sure when upgrading a job (mid- and late-game) that you have the appropriate clothing, higher jobs require business wear.

    Feel free to add more in the thread!


    Here’s a resource we found today, with all kind of requirements for jobs, etc.


    These are some solid starter tips!

    After playing online a bit with various people, I’ve noticed there’s some confusion about what degrees are required for what careers. The game nor the manual explains much about this, but I did just find this wiki which seems to have a lot of info:

    I just played this game to death as a kid and gradually got a feel for how it all interconnects, but it’s nice to see it mapped out like this and it might be a good resource for new players who don’t feel like putting in 100 hours of research first.


    Go with the Fries for the food. It’s always cheaper! 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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