The Incredible Machine 2

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  • dr_st

    If you enjoyed playing the original game, I strongly suggest trying ‘The Incredible Machine 2’. Not ‘The Even more Incredible Machine’ which is just an expansion with more puzzles, but the actual sequel.

    TIM2 feels like a much more polished version of TIM, with better graphics, sound, music, everything. There are hints for puzzles, and narrated explanations of how the parts work. There are more parts (lasers, different kinds of bombs and rockets, pipes, and others), which allows for more variety of puzzles.

    However, the best feature in my mind, and what distinguishes TIM2 from TIM is the improvements to the ‘Free Form’ mode. Now you can actually create your own puzzles, with parts that stay locked and parts that go into the bin, program the solution to it and let your friends try to solve it, just like a regular puzzle. Essentially, the game gives you all the tools to create an endless supply of puzzles – like a built-in map editor.

    It may not be worth to do another podcast just for the sequel, but it’s definitely a game to try if you liked the original and want more.


    Oh yeah, it feels like one can just continue from the Even More Incredible Machine once you have finished that one 😀

    Perfect as a Solitaire replacement :-p

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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