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  • firefyte


    I was lying in bed this morning (after completing the game earlier this week) and lightly wondering about the story, and it hit me that this is supposed to be very ‘origin of history’ kind of story.

    If you look at the world map, it is clearly Earth, with some continental shift, which is trying to indicate where we actually are.

    You’re Adam (although I first thought of He-Man, not the biblical Adam), and later on you meet up with Eve, who is clearly some kind of love interest. Eloi and Dina are both biblical names as well.

    Also, the ending with the Egg of Destiny clearing being empty marking the beginning of the history of man.

    Other things:
    Mungo is a finding location for prehistoric remains.
    The Tyrann are sharp-toothed dinosaurs that only want to eat you, go figure.
    Thugg is the MVP of the party, acting as inventory manager and the master of nest-emptying, which is required in the mid-game.

    Various things mentioned here:
    Chekhov’s Gun: Staring at you the whole time you play, your cube-shaped mouse cursor. When you finally assemble the tablets, your mouse cursor is replaced by the resulting cube, allowing you to defeat Moorkus Rex merely by clicking him. Doubles as Foreshadowing.

    Also, I looked into mobygames on the voice actor list, and many of them have this game or Dune as their first credit, so plenty of voice actors started here!


    I took an embarrassingly long time to realize that the map was based on Cretaceous period earth. I thought it was some strange land on some alien planet. I saw an article the other day about ancient earth that had the same map and my mind was immediately blown that it was the same as Lost Eden *face palm*.

    That and the fact I didn’t know Thugg could empty nests for you really made me feel silly. Often I would travel back to Chamaar to look for an empty nest and return to wherever I was. I was literally crossing continents back and forth just to get a nest.

    Regarding the cube firefyte mentioned, I thought it was another glitch once I put them all together. I tried for at least 5 minutes to put it back into my inventory. It’s a bit strange they didn’t redraw the arrows as dark because you really can’t tell what it is for the screen or two it replaces the normal one…


    Thanks for the research! “Eden” itself is also a biblical name (the place where Adam & Eve were at before god kicked them out). So yeah, it seems to be very Christian-inspired.

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