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  • frankie

    Tornado by Digital Integration. This was the premier flight simulator of 1993/1994 and was published by Spectrum Holobyte and Trimark. Reasons why Tornado was epic: (1) Most powerful and complex mission planner back then; (2) 330+ paged paper manual; (3) most realistic simulator of the Panavia Tornado back then; (4) still being modded in 2018 by a certain gamer dad.

    Frankie Kam,5046.0.html


    It looks interesting! I am not sure many people in the club besides me actually enjoy combat flight simulators, but if we get to play another one, this one should definitely be on the short list!


    Dear All

    More info on Tornado. Not a beer and pretzels game. It’s a simulator. Hope the below links are useful.

    General information:
    Keyboard commands:
    PC review with dowload:

    Frankie Kam


    One of the finest flight sims ever. Please cover this one.


    What an interesting suggestion. I’m a fan of the flight simulators, specially the combat ones, and I remember playing this game and feeling it was something special. The way you must coordinate the attack with other planes was really unique and accurate to the way an actual operation involving Tornados might develop in real life.

    Digital Integration was also a very experienced company, that started producing simulators back in 1982 for the ZX81 and ZX Spectrum, producing several memorable titles for those machines (and yes, I played them all 🙂 )

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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