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  • Shattered

    I would like to suggest this adventure game. I think this is another great hidden gem that maybe most members never played or possibly even heard of. I love the adventure game genre and could suggest all the hits like Space Quest, Kings Quest, Sam&Max, Day of the Tentacle, The Dig, etc. but I get the impression that the club also likes to discover new games that somehow escaped their childhood.

    It is a mouse driven point & click adventure from 1992. It’s a first person, slide show type presentation (similar to Gateway). You’re going to be trying to solve puzzles by combining inventory items (yes, I know that’s not everyone’s favorite), but it’s very limiting to how many screens you have access to and how many items you have.

    I remember really enjoying the music and artwork. I don’t think it has that much of a story though, and minimal dialog. Mainly just a companion bat that enjoys flying around and taunting you.

    It has a lot of great reviews. Most of them hover around 80% . Unfortunately AdventureGamers only gave it 2 out of 5 stars. But there were rumors that the score was out of revenge for the reviewer’s spouse philandering with the game devs. Whether these rumors were substantiated, or started right here in the Dos Game Club forums, I guess we’ll never know.


    • – Relatively Short
    • – Great music and art
    • – No dead ends or untimely deaths
    • – Limited size areas for puzzle solving


    • – Not much dialog or story
    • – Limited size areas to explore



    Someone help me with the HTML to link an image from here 🙁


    This has that distinctive feel that French developers like Coktel Vision and Cryo etc often gave their games.

    Always found this compelling

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