Little Big Adventure

Evil dictator Dr. Funfrock is ruling the remote planet of Twinsun with an iron fist. And now that talk of the legend of Sendell has been forbidden, you have even been sent to prison for having strange dreams. What a mess! Luckily your ancestors have hidden various magical items for you, which give you a fighting chance to beat Funfrock and save the planet.

This is the premise of "Little Big Adventure", a top-down isometric action adventure game developed by French studio Adeline Software and published by EA in 1994. The team is largely made up of veterans from Infogrames who previously worked on Alone in the Dark. Are there any influences of that found in LBA? And how does it hold up 28 years later? That and more is discussed in this episode of DOS Game Club!

Joining hosts Martijn ("Tijn") and Florian ("rnlf") we have two new guests on the show. First of all there's James from the Retro Spectives Podcast, another retro gaming podcast in which they take deep dives into old games. Also joining is Michiel, aka "El Muerte", founder of The Magic Ball Network, one of the biggest fan sites for Little Big Adventure, which has been going for over 20 years now.

Enjoy the show!

[ download mp3 ] (179 mins, 205 MB)


* Retro Spectives Podcast

* The Magic Ball Network

* Martijn's LBA playthrough YouTube series

* LBA reviewed in some UK magazines scanned in by DGC member Pix

* Interview with Didier Chanfray who worked the original LBA and is now involved with the reboot

* Newly-formed studio 21.2 who are currently working on updating LBA Classic and developing new reboots of LBA

02 Sep 2022

2 Replies to “Little Big Adventure”

Evil Taco says:

What a tasty episode! I remember the reviews for this game being really split. I’m intrigued about trying the game out now (especially with the recent update) … it looks like the mobile versions are no longer available for Android or iOS.

timewind says:

Great episode, amazing work guys! I remember buying LBA in 1997 and falling in love with the world created by Frédérick.

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