Six Small Games

Hello DOS people!

We're a little behind schedule, but remember last December? We featured no less than six games that month! Because we had received a bunch of suggestions for smaller games, we decided to pick a few and play them all in a single month. The games we played were:

* Ugh!
* Bolo Ball
* Micro's Dilemma II
* Lode Runner
* Alley Cat
* MinerVGA

Hosting this episode is Florian ("rnlf") for a change, joined by Martijn ("Tijn"), Jozef ("jozy"), Mike ("toasty"), Philipp ("derphilipp"), and a brand new member: Tim ("Spacefarer").

We tried to take about 15 minutes per game. We considered talking about each one for two hours, but we're running late as we are, haha.

[ download mp3 ] (100 mins, 81 MB)

14 Feb 2019

2 Replies to “Six Small Games”

Fimbulvetr says:

I really enjoyed the episode. Thanks for pointing out Alley Cat Remeow, that looks awesome!

Corgibuttz says:

Dark Souls as style over substance?!?! Treading some dangerous waters my friends 😉

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