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Track: 4AM_RAW

Added by Cas on 2023-06-20 19:47:17

Uploader's notes:

Hey, guys! Seeing that I can upload a track, of the ones I've made, this is my favourite one. It has been in at least three tournaments, so I'm bringing it here. 4:00am is a relatively long track, but it can be raced very quickly with the right car. It's got lots of scenery and a little of every kind of stunt. Hope you like it

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Pos Name Car Lap time Replay
1 Marco Porsche/March INDY 2:12.15 download
2 DJ_HiP Porsche/March INDY 2:17.00 download
3 Marco Porsche/March INDY 2:21.20 download
4 DJ_HiP Porsche/March INDY 2:31.90 download
5 Marco Porsche/March INDY 2:41.15
6 Cas Porsche/March INDY 2:57.20 download

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