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Track: AVUS

Added by Spoonboy on 2023-07-14 19:47:33

Uploader's notes:

This is a Stunts version of the AVUS circuit, part of the Berlin autobahn used as a track from the early 1920s to late 1990s. Two very long straights with two tight turns at either end, one steeply banked. In typical Stunts style, I added some extras to make it more interesting ;)
Just a bit of fun.

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Pos Name Car Lap time Replay
1 Marco Porsche/March INDY 0:54.75
2 Marco Porsche/March INDY 0:57.15
3 Spoonboy Porsche/March INDY 0:57.95 download
4 Duplode Mercedes 190 E DTM 1:08.50 download
5 Spoonboy Mercedes 190 E DTM 1:09.00 download
6 Spoonboy Ferrari F40 1:11.75 download

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