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Added by Tijn on 2023-06-11 13:26:41

Uploader's notes:

This is the first Stunts track I made this month, mostly to see how the track editor works. It's an attempt at recreating the modern Zandvoort GP track, with all its twists and turns, including the final banked turn.

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Pos Name Car Lap time Replay
1 Marco Melange XGT-88 1:28.75 download
2 Spoonboy Melange XGT-88 1:29.60 download
3 DJ_HiP Melange XGT-88 1:29.65 download
4 Marco Melange XGT-88 1:31.80 download
5 DJ_HiP Melange XGT-88 1:35.65 download
6 Marco Melange XGT-88 1:36.70
7 Cas Melange XGT-88 1:37.95 download
8 Spoonboy Melange XGT-88 1:45.85
9 rnlf Melange XGT-88 1:53.65
10 Tijn Caterham Super 7JPEZ 1:54.25 download
11 Spoonboy Ferrari F40 1:58.55

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