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Added by Spoonboy on 2023-06-11 10:23:48

Uploader's notes:

Drive all around the outer track, turning right at the split after the 2nd set of banking (right side of map).
Continue around a 2nd and final time, but this time go *straight on* at the split for the loop and finish line.

This is my version of the UK's iconic Brooklands track from the 1930s. I've tried to be historically accurate (apart from the corkscrews/loops!), with lots of banking, buildings in correct places, a start/finish straight and an in-field section to explore (not part of timed lap). I compromised with s-bends as the game doesn't use diagonals, but as a game bug lets you drive on grass around s-bends without slowing, I figure driving them diagonally is ok! Another known bug means the game gives a 3s penalty, due to the finish line being separate from the main track. Don't worry about this as everyone's lap will have the same penalty. Enjoy! :)

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Pos Name Car Lap time Replay
1 Marco McLaren Honda MP4/4Z 1:24.15
2 DJ_HiP McLaren Honda MP4/4Z 1:24.95 download
3 Marco McLaren Honda MP4/4Z 1:25.05 download
4 DJ_HiP McLaren Honda MP4/4Z 1:26.15 download
5 Spoonboy McLaren Honda MP4/4Z 1:26.20 download
6 DJ_HiP McLaren Honda MP4/4Z 1:26.75 download
7 DJ_HiP McLaren Honda MP4/4Z 1:28.65 download
8 Cas McLaren Honda MP4/4Z 1:31.05 download
9 Cas Speedgate XSD 1:40.80 download
10 Duplode Corvette CERV III 1:42.20 download
11 DJ_HiP Mercedes 190 E DTM 1:42.25
12 Spoonboy Speedgate XSD 1:42.45
13 Tijn Audi V8 DTM 1:46.05 download
14 Spoonboy Melange XGT-88 1:48.85 download
15 Spoonboy BMW M3 DTM 1:49.65 download
16 Spoonboy Ferrari F40 1:52.70 download

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