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Added by Duplode on 2023-12-18 00:22:12

Uploader's notes:

ROUTE INSTRUCTIONS: I propose using the BRKLANDS rules, that is, doing two laps by going straight at the split on the first pass (and thus doing the whole 270° turn) and turning left on the second pass (onto the ice and then towards the finish).

The venue for one of the early Le Stunts revival events, Hogweed is a track of two halves, one fast and one slow. Originally designed with the Audi Quattro in mind, it should be a good fit for any of the sports cars in Stunts: Carrera, Countach, Challenger, you name it.

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Pos Name Car Lap time Replay
1 erik barros Mercedes 190 E DTM 1:48.70 download
2 erik barros Mercedes 190 E DTM 1:52.55 download
3 Spoonboy Mercedes 190 E DTM 1:57.05
4 Duplode Lamborghini Countach 2:08.20 download
5 Duplode De Tomaso Pantera 2:09.65 download
6 erik barros Lamborghini Countach 2:11.95 download
7 Spoonboy Lotus Esprit Turbo Z 2:18.95
8 Spoonboy Porsche Carrera 4 2:22.95
9 Spoonboy De Tomaso Pantera 2:24.55

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