Announcing the Game for April: Grand Prix Circuit

Hi everybody!

We're about halfway into the first month of DOS Game Club and so far we had some interesting discussions about DOOM in the forum.

sorceress made a good point: We should announce all games one month ahead. We had originally planned to announce each new game with the previous month's rountable podcast, but o/c that will be published a few days after the new month has already started and people also need some time to acquire the new game.

So we're doing this instead: In each podcast we'll announce the game for the month after the next one (and give you a reminder of the next game). This time it's too late because we already published the introduction podcast #0. That's why you're reading this blog post now! We're announcing the game for April 2017 now.

The game we will be playing in April is the 1988 classic GRAND PRIX CIRCUIT, as suggested by wan. It's a first-person 3D Formula 1 racing game, by Accolade. It's a bit older than Doom, which is apparent from the graphics and audio used. It's also a bit more obscure, although arguably any game is more obscure than Doom. But having said that, the game was a big hit at the time and it could be found on many family PCs back in the day.

So, while you keep playing and discussing DOOM until the end of the month, prepare for playing Grand Prix Circuit next month!

Thanks for all your suggestions! Please keep them coming, for the months to come.

14 Mar 2017

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