Duke Nukem 3D

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Last March we played Duke Nukem 3D, so here's our podcast episode discussing this great game. But before we dive into that, here's a quick reminder that there's about a week left in April to check out the amazing Starflight, a space RPG from 1986. There's all sorts of cool stuff going on on the forums, so if you haven't already, please check them out now!

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Now in March we celebrated our 1 year anniversary with the DOS Game Club. Last year we started off strong with the all-time favourite DOOM, so we were looking for a game that could compete with that and thus landed on DUKE NUKEM 3D.

Joining the discussion with Martijn and Florian is Matthew, known as "mgoddard" on the forums. He's been an active member for a while now, so it was great to have him on the show!

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Duke Nukem 3D


As you know, we're still playing STARFLIGHT for the rest of April. After that we'll be playing DEATH RALLY in May, suggested by DOS Game Club member M2tias. This racing game features a bunch of different characters, including the one and only Duke Nukem again! This is a really enjoyable game in the vein as Super Cars II, really something to look out for.

Death Rally

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If you'd like to join us, please feel free to register an account, play the games with us and discuss them on the forums.

The forum is also used for suggesting games to us. Most of the games we play are chosen from your suggestions.

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Happy DOS gaming!

24 Apr 2018

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Corgibuttz says:

I finally got around to listening to the Duke podcast… it was painful, only because I constantly wanted to jump in and say stuff too haha!

Great job boys!

The only part that I would have weighed in differently on is how the “sexism” and stuff is viewed. It was over the top and meant to be tongue in cheek even back then in my opinion. I actually played through Duke Nukem: Forever and I LIKED IT! I don’t care what anyone says! It was a fun romp, despite having many modern gaming conventions the first one didn’t have, such as only holding 2 guns at once. The sex, machismo, and childish humor were again off the charts, and in my opinion it was still just as tongue in cheek as ever. No one really things that way, and that’s what makes it funny and over the top for me. There was lots of environmental interaction and it was a pretty fun romp, short of those driving segments (yeah, we didn’t really need those but to be honest I didn’t mind them much.)

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