We’re now accepting voice messages!

Hey hello!

We've decided to accept voice messages from listeners for all future episodes. Our show is all about discussions and we try to invite people who seemed to be interested in our month's game to the show, but we figured, maybe some people don't want to be present for the whole recording, but still have something to contribute.

So, if you want to share your opinion, experience or trivia about the game we're going to cover in an upcoming episode, we're now accepting voice messages.

Simply record your message and e-mail it to us. Our address is: DGC mail address.

We'll listen to all of your messages and we'll let you know if your message is included in an episode. Try to send us the best audio quality you can manage. FLAC or WAV is perfect, high bitrate MP3/Ogg/etc. is also fine.

We might edit your message a tiny bit, like removing silent parts or play only a part if the message becomes too long. But we'll try to include it verbatim whenever possible.

That's about it. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

10 Apr 2018

One Reply to “We’re now accepting voice messages!”

Dexter says:

Me and my grandmother played this together
When I was young. If we got stuck we opened all the files in a txt editor and looked for clues. Another great episode looking forward
To the next. I Do regret not leaving a voice
Mail on this one,but there will be a day.

Happy holidays

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