Play Together: Simon the Sorcerer Part 2

Welcome back to part two of "Two elderly nerds trying to beat Simon the Sorcerer while recording a podcast".

We've made quite a bit of progress since the first episode. At the end of the last one we had just saved the druid who sent us on a quest to find frog bane, a herb that he needs to be able to keep his human form. I can tell you, we have not made any steps forward in that direction that we are aware of, but in this episode you will learn, among other things, how we become a wizard, save a speaking tree and make a woodcutter happy nonetheless.

[ download mp3 ] (72 mins, 58 MB)

06 Jun 2021

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Shattered says:

These are great! I’m stuck precisely where you ended the episode. Based on how ridiculous I’ve thought these solutions I’ve stumbled upon so far, I don’t have much hope l’ll be able to progress without help.

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