Play Together: Simon the Sorcerer Part 1

For this month's game, Simon the Sorcerer, we are doing something new: since the game has a reputation of being overly hard, we decided that instead of grabbing a walkthrough, we're going to attempt to use our combined wisdom to beat the game.

So every couple days we're going to meet up and discuss the progress we made individually, get everyone up to speed and onto the same page, then play together for a while until we're in a situation where everyone can progress on their own again.

We're discussing this further on the forums:

Let's see how this will work out!

[ download mp3 ] (76 mins, 61 MB)

04 Jun 2021

3 Replies to “Play Together: Simon the Sorcerer Part 1”

LaoWai-In-China says:

I never played Simon the Sorcerer can’t wait to hear about the game. I remember seeing it in the game stores but for whatever reason I never bought.

LaoWai-In-China says:

I hate this China again has decided for whatever reason to block podcast will try and listen through website because no new episodes show up in iTunes. I think it is China’s iTunes fault.

Tijn says:

Thanks for listening! Please note these play through episodes are extra and not part of the main podcast feed. They can only be listened to through the website at the moment.

Once we’re done we’ll bundle all the playthroughs into a single extra bonus episode and publish that through the podcast feed, so it will show up in iTunes etc. eventually 🙂 But you can get it here earlier!

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